Andrew Briggs, D.Phil, MSc

Andrew Briggs, D.Phil, MSc – Director & Principal

Andrew Briggs, D.Phil, MSc, is a Director at Avalon Health Economics. Dr. Briggs is primarily responsible for project direction, scientific advising, and training and mentoring of our health economists and researchers. He has extensive experience conducting economic evaluation analyses globally, and adapting models across health systems. Andrew has a DPhil in Health Economics and an MSc in Applied Statistics, both from the University of Oxford. He currently holds the Lindsay Chair in Health Economics at the University of Glasgow, and has acted as advisor to the UK Department of Health, the UK National Institute of Clinical Excellence and a number of pharmaceutical companies. Andrew is an integral part of Avalon’s capability in health economics. He has extensive experience of all aspects of health economic evaluation, policy and reimbursement processes. He has published extensively on the topic of cost effectiveness analysis and economic evaluation, and served on numerous committees on economic evaluation methodology and standard practices, including four ISPOR Task Forces on Good Research Practices (Clinical Trials, Modelling, Risk Sharing and Health State Utility Measurement). He is also lead author of the widely cited textbook Decision Modeling for Health Economic Evaluation (with Karl Claxton and Mark Sculpher; Oxford University Press 2006) and is an editor at the journal Health Economics. He is currently on sabbatical at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York where he is looking at the value of oncology products.