Clinical Outcomes Assessment (COA)

Clinical Outcomes Assessment (COA)

We provide Clinical Outcomes Assessment (COA) services in partnership with Acaster Lloyd Consulting Ltd (ALC). Acaster Lloyd consulting is a provider of COA research and consultancy services. In late 2018, Avalon and ALC announced a close long-term collaborative partnership to provide HEOR and COA services seamlessly to our clients. Their clients include pharma, biotech companies and academic groups. ALC was founded in 2016 by Sarah Acaster, MSc, and Andrew Lloyd, DPhil, both formerly of Oxford Outcomes and ICON plc. As well as having extensive experience in the development, selection and use of COAs (including patient-reported outcomes and health utility studies), they both have particular expertise in utility and preference-based studies. Like Avalon, Acaster Lloyd Consulting represents their scientific research interests and shared goals: good science and bespoke consultancy to deliver the client’s needs, from the creative to the pragmatic. For more detail on ALC services, visit

We have extensive experience in the following COA areas:

  • COA strategy
  • COA analysis
  • Health-state utility studies
  • Preference surveys
  • Qualitative research
  • COA instrument development

Recent Publications

Patient Preferences for Metastatic Hormone-Sensitive Prostate Cancer Treatments: A Discrete Choice Experiment Among Men in Three European Countries. 2019

Gains in health utility associated with urinary catheter innovations. 2018

EQ-5D: Moving from Three Levels to Five 2018

Special Edition on Utility Measurement 2017

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Prioritization of self-relevant perspectives in ageing. 2017

A Novel Patient-Derived Conceptual Model of the Impact of Celiac Disease in Adults: Implications for Patient-Reported Outcome and Health-Related Quality-of-Life Instrument Development. 2017

Patients’ Preferences for the Treatment of Metastatic Castrate-resistant Prostate Cancer: A Discrete Choice Experiment. 2017

Do we have the right PROMs for measuring outcomes in lumbar spinal surgery? 2017

Evaluation of psoriasis patients’ attitudes toward benefit-risk and therapeutic trade-offs in their choice of treatments. 2017

Social preference weights for treatments in Fabry disease in the UK: a discrete choice experiment 2016

Health-related quality of life in Parkinson’s: impact of ‘off’ time and stated treatment preferences. 2016

Managing neurogenic bowel dysfunction: what do patients prefer? A discrete choice experiment of patient preferences for transanal irrigation and standard bowel management. 2016

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The hidden burden of adult allergic rhinitis: UK healthcare resource utilisation survey.2015

How Do we Estimate Quality Adjusted Life Years (Qalys) in Rare Diseases? A Case Study in Hypophosphatasia. 2015

Disutilities Associated with Central Nervous System (Cns) Side Effects of Antiretroviral Therapy (Art) in Hiv. 2015

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