Avalon promotes a work environment that is collegial and supportive. We are committed to providing an atmosphere where employees can apply their skills but also continue learning and growing. In directing and managing the company we seek input from all levels. Even as we grow, we strive to maintain a stimulating entrepreneurial culture focused on ideas, flexibility, and growth. We strive to promote highly achieving employees and we are open to rewarding employees for exemplary performance whenever warranted, not just at the end of the year.

We are always looking for motivated individuals to join our growing team, including Data Entry Specialists, Research Assistants, Research Analysts, Health Economists, and Senior Associates. We are also always open to expanding our roster of Scientific Advisors and Clinical Advisors, who work closely with Avalon and collaborate on projects in HEOR and LSPA. Our salaries and benefits are competitive and our promotions and bonuses are much less rigid than our larger competitors.

We offer jobs in the Miami, FL and Morristown, NJ area.

Avalon Health Economics LLC