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About Avalon Health Economics

Avalon Health Economics LLC (“AHE”) was formed by a group of experienced academic and industry health economists and associates, bringing together several existing consulting practices. The company’s origins were in the Health Economics Consulting Group LLC, which started in 2004 and merged with Oxford Outcomes in 2009. We provide high-quality, high-value real-world health economics consulting and research services relying on unparalleled industry knowledge and experience, accurate and defensible research, and attentive project management. We provide the full spectrum of life sciences consulting services, focused on two primary practice areas:

AHE’s overall approach to project management and consulting engagements is different from our competitors in two primary ways.

First, even as we continue to grow and expand capacity, we strive to maintain a “boutique” consultancy approach and culture. Many of our team have in the past worked at larger consultancies, where more experienced staff play a smaller role on projects. We work in teams and our senior experts are materially involved in all projects, join phone calls and meetings with clients, and have a substantive role in all deliverables.

Second, we adhere to three guiding management principles:

  1. Pay attention to our clients’ specific needs; templates and boilerplates are often not the right solutions;
  2. Keep it simple; in some cases, greater complexity is necessary, but in many cases greater complexity clouds the main messages and leaves economic analyses difficult to interpret and vulnerable to criticism. Complexity should only be added when there are clear benefits to doing so; and
  3. Focus on the audience. We believe that engagement with end-users is critical to the entire process of generating and communicating value propositions and economic evidence.

Practice Areas

Our researchers and consultants have decades of experience working collaboratively across a wide spectrum of health care research and consulting activities. AHE’s core capabilities are in two healthcare-focused areas.

Health Economics & Outcomes Research (HEOR)

We provide insights and analysis on potential market size and the design of rigorous economic evaluations, such as clinical studies and cost-effectiveness analysis.

Litigation Support & Policy Analysis (LSPA)

Our health economics methods support a wide range of healthcare litigation and health policy analyses, including expert services and testimony.


AHE maintains a core team of research staff skilled in health economics and outcomes research (HEOR), epidemiology and biostatistics, clinical outcomes assessment (COA), public health, data analysis, and policy analysis. AHE’s core team includes a talented group of Senior Associates, Health Economists, Research Analysts, and Research Assistants. Experienced staff serve as Project Managers responsible for maintaining continuous forward progress on projects and organizing and facilitating clear communication with clients and collaborators. In addition to its core team, AHE maintains a network of external Scientific Advisors and Clinical Advisors who are assigned to specific projects as necessary.

Our Clients

AHE’s clients include pharmaceutical companies, medical device makers, diagnostics companies, biotech companies, health insurers and payers, health care providers (e.g., physicians, hospitals, surgery centers, etc.), investors (e.g., venture capital), law firms, trade associations, public relations firms, and federal, state, and local governments. In addition, AHE has served as a sub-consultancy on specific initiatives and as a longer-term partner providing a virtual “research services” department to health care organizations.

Project Management & Execution

The main goal on all of our projects is of course to deliver the highest quality product to our clients. However, an often overlooked success factor in health economics consulting is the crucial role of project management and execution. For all projects, our approach to project management is centered on four core elements: (1) all projects at the onset are assigned a Project Manager and a Project Director, and continuity from project start to finish is assured; (2) all projects are tracked according to the specific timeline and deliverable schedule mutually agreed upon between AHE and the client during the project kick-off meeting; (3) all communication with the client is followed with a brief e-mail report summarizing the main action items and decisions; and (4) at regular staff meetings, the office lead assures that forward and effective progress is being made on all projects.

Work Products

Too often, consultant reports are retired to bookshelves and gather dust. As professionals, we take pride in our work and want to deliver to our clients products and services that have a clear and quantifiable impact, create meaningful change, and have long-lasting influence. To that end, we are open to creating project deliverables that maximize value to the client. In some cases that will be a traditional project report, but it may also include a PowerPoint slide deck, an “Issue Brief,” an interactive website, a searchable database, a user-friendly graphical interface for use by marketing teams, a public relations campaign, a conference poster, or a publication in a trade journal or a peer-reviewed journal. We have experience delivering all of these products, and will work closely with our clients in determining the set of consulting products that best meet their needs.


Avalon has offices in Miami, FL, Morristown, NJ, and London, UK. Our network of consultants gives us additional geographic capabilities across the U.S. and globally. This includes Los Angeles, Houston, Austin, Chicago, Boston, Salt Lake City, and Detroit in the US. Outside of the US, this includes Glasgow, Vancouver, Basel, Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Brussels, Amsterdam, Athens, Shanghai, and Sydney.

Getting Started

AHE is ready and able to undertake a wide variety of projects, from a one or two hour consultation with one of our Consultants to longer-term projects involving several moving parts, such as in-depth research, data analysis, and communication and dissemination. The key to project success is to gain a clear understanding of what our clients need to assure a high probability of project success.

To submit a Request for Proposal (RFP) or discuss your project with a member of our scientific team, please visit our Contact page or e-mail us at info@avalonecon.com.

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