Policy & Regulatory


Avalon has a long history of providing high level analysis and consulting on matters related to health policy and government relations. Our reports have been used in meetings of the Congressional Budget Office, the House Ways and Means Committee, and state and federal legislative briefings. The results of our analyses have helped shape state and federal policies and have been published in peer-reviewed health policy and health economics journals. Our comparative advantage in policy analysis and government relations is in our data analytic capabilities, which enable us to bring advanced data science, statistical analysis, and novel use of data to gain clearer understandings of complex policy issues.

Types Of Engagements

  • Design & execution of studies to test and assess industry performance
  • Industry economic impact analysis
  • Costs & outcomes of regulatory policy
  • Systematic & comprehensive summaries of literature & evidence
  • Survey research to assess regulatory burden
  • Impact of environmental externalities
  • Assessing global health policy
  • Program evaluation
  • Communications materials
  • Publications in peer-reviewed journals
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Policies & Regulations

Key Staff

  • John Schneider, PhD
  • Andrew Briggs, DPhil, MSc
  • Anthony LoSasso, PhD
  • Robert Ohsfeldt, PhD
  • Cara Scheibling, MBA
  • Jacie Cooper, MS

Related Markets & Industries

  • Insurance & Third-Party Payers
  • Attorneys & Law Firms
  • Medical Services
  • Hospitals & Health Systems
  • Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
  • Medical Devices & Diagnostics
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital
  • Consumer Products
  • Public Health
  • Government

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