Medicare & Medicaid
Cost Analysis


In the U.S. the Medicare and Medicaid programs pay for about 40% of national health expenditures. We have developed capabilities in analyzing Medicare and Medicaid data to determine attributable costs, expected reimbursements, cost and utilization trends, and costs of illness in these respective populations. In addition, in litigation matters, Medicare and Medicaid payment rates can serve as a “lower bound” in reasonable fair market value calculations.

Types Of Engagements

  • Calculation of costs of illness in the Medicare population
  • Expected Medicare reimbursement in litigation matters
  • Economic modelling of cost impact of a medical device or diagnostic in the Medicare population.

Key Staff

  • John Schneider, PhD
  • Cara Scheibling, MBA
  • Anthony LoSasso, PhD
  • Robert Ohsfeldt, PhD
  • Ryan Bresnahan, MS

Related Markets & Industries

  • Insurance & third-party payers
  • Attorneys & law firms
  • Medical services
  • Hospitals & health systems
  • Utilities
  • Construction
  • Transportation